Matthew Frawley’s Story (part 1)

This post is all about me, sorry!!

Thinking back to 2010 I wouldn’t recognise myself! I was in a completely different space, physically and mentally.

Like many of us I battled with the voice in my head that whispered “You’re not good enough” over and over. I began to believe that what I wanted was out of my reach, so why try? I was victim to the power of negative self-talk.

My negative outlook caused me to run away from responsibilities. I was a party animal, skipping class, getting high, playing video games for 5 hours a day! In hindsight I can see that I was looking for ways to escape reality and delay what was needed to be done. Living in Bournemouth there were times I was surviving off vitamin milkshakes and one microwave meal a day! Most of my calories were coming from alcohol!

Looking happy in 2010!

I was kicked off the Arts Degree for not completing coursework. I was depressed, unemployed, single, and embarrassed by the shape of my body. My only saving grace was that I was fortunate enough to have a stable home to return to; for that I am now incredibly grateful.

So at 21 I had no money, no college degree, and over £7500 of debt — Definitely the lowest point of my life. I took whatever work I could, which meant starting as Cafe Bar Support working unsocial hours for minimum wage.

The year was 2011 and I remember looking in the mirror thinking “What happened to you? You used to be lean with some muscle definition. Now you’ve got the skinniest arms and the beginnings of a beer belly!”.

It was at that point that I made the decision to make a change. It was then that my transformation began and I started to pull myself out of the hole using some simple disciplines.

Physical Rebuilding

With exercise you start to feel the benefits almost immediately, and I’ve heard its the first thing you should do when you feel down. It took a year before I started looking better physically. Since then I’ve learned a lot about fitness and weight training, progressing with the help of some great mentors.

In the 2 years that followed I gained a stone of muscle and felt far more confident in my own skin. Lifting weights also gave me the chance to release stress, and as Arnold says it’s a form of meditation — because your mind leaves your head and shifts its focus to the body.

Mental Development

It was 2012 when I started reading books that changed my life. Up until then I’d always associated reading with school and something that was forced upon me.

Let’s call it ‘fate’ because I can’t remember why I ended up with a copy of Napoleon Hill’s classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’, but that book sparked a ‘burning desire’ inside of me. I was painfully slow at reading it and I even had trouble remembering the start of the paragraph by the end of it!!! (Highlighting how scattered my weed-fuelled mind had become). Nonetheless I persisted, and then I started to enjoy it.

Reading became a daily habit, and I attribute a lot of my recent success and happiness to that.
Reading has transformed the way I speak, and has made me far more aware of my thoughts.
Reading has inspired me to chase big dreams and create new things.

Changing Course

Through the combination of physical and mental exercise I’ve grown secure enough to build a great relationship with a beautiful (and very intelligent) woman, Ana-Maria, and the the relationship with my parents has massively improved.

“The more I work, the luckier I get!”

Since 2012 when a temporary administration role turned permanent, I’ve had 2 promotions at different companies, and doubled my income (2012–2016). I am currently employed as a Business Analyst for Simplyhealth; a company whose values I connect with.

I have achieved progression through gradual self-improvement (aka. The Compound Effect / The Slight Edge) and not a sudden burst of motivation or a lucky break.

“Do what you can, with what you have, right now.”

After shedding most of my limiting beliefs about what was possible, I decided that to be taken seriously in the app industry I needed to understand the technology. I was struggling to find a technical co-founder when it dawned on me that I needed to learn development myself! So I spent a year learning how to code with Apple’s Swift language; it has been incredibly rewarding.

Shortly after developing a really basic version of Push in 2016, I started speaking to James Lester, the brother of a school friend, Rob. I am convinced that if I had not spent the time to learn about app development, James wouldn’t have wanted to work with me. Nor could I properly delegate. I am blessed to have found a technical Co-Founder to enter the wilderness with…

My focus now is on building the world’s best life achievement platform. Connecting key self-improvement elements with innovative design and eventually artificial intelligence. I want to mentor and guide people through the difficulties I faced and earn money that can be used for positive change.

The challenge scares me and excites me. The uncertainty is something all founders can relate to.

I believe that if you aren’t moving forward, you are being left behind! Change is the Law of Life. The Push app is about helping people change their lives through good thinking and healthy habits, so that they can gain a steady momentum that will propel them to new heights, whatever their goal may be.

Thanks for reading about my journey so far, and I wish the best for yours.

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Best regards,

Matthew Frawley