The Mountain Model

A sneak peak inside the personal journey space

The mountain represents the journey to your personal peak, your ideal life.

The help screen shows the relationship between a long-term vision (5–20 years in the future), medium-term goals (3–18 months away), and weekly or daily activities.

Begin with the end in mind

We recommend that you begin by forming a Perfect Vision which includes the kinds of things you want to do, what you want to achieve or contribute, and how you need to grow as an individual to get there. Thinking about the end goal first will act like a compass that guides subsequent goals.

By setting a milestone for each of your life values you ensure a proper balance. In linking the SMART Milestones to habits or disciplines, you create meaningful actions that can be tracked and rewarded. A milestone will typically have 2–5 activities that are needed to be completed regularly.

What’s missing in habit tracking apps is the connection of that activity to a meaningful purpose — the ‘Why am I doing this?’. Purpose is a big intrinsic motivator.

Reflect and Adapt

Regardless of how well thought out the plan, it will always need changing. Unpredictable events occur, mistakes happen, the environment changes — we cannot predict the future. Even when you’re driving down a straight road, think how many tiny adjustments you make to the steering to keep the car in lane.

Let’s say that your next personal growth milestone is “to reach a basic level of competency in French, by the 1st January 2018”. (16 weeks in the future) You’re optimistic that you can spend 2 hours a weeknight learning with various apps and watching videos. Over 16 weeks this equates to 80 practice sessions and 160 hours. You get off to a great start, motivated by the new challenge. Although you go to bed a lot later than normal and by Wednesday symptoms of fatigue start to show. You conclude that 2 hours a day probably isn’t sustainable. Rather than turning this lesson into a failure, you adapt your approach— 1 hour for 5 days a week. This new approach has significantly less allocation of practice, but it’s often wiser to ease into something new. Four weeks in you hit your a Milestone Checkpoint and decide that the current system is working for you, but you don’t feel like the goal is attainable within the next 12 weeks so you adjust the due date to the 1st of February. This process of reflecting and adapting is never-ending.

In the Push app we’re building a complete system to maximise your chance of reaching milestones and succeeding in all areas of your life.

Stay tuned for more, coming soon!