You are defined by what you consumed.

I was watching a video on the topic of feeling attached to the things we considered ours.

It is pretty interesting since the question below the headlines were: “After witnessing the ‘violent rage’ shown by babies whenever deprived of an item they considered their own”

This is intelligently intriguing, therefore I clicked the play button and watch the video.

Jean Piaget was the one who noticed the phenomenon and went on to research more about it. It was concluded that “we form connections quickly with the things we considered ours.”

It sank into me that this is so related to consumer behavior. More research on this was written by Russel Belk (1988). It says that because we are closely attached to the things which we possessed, it came to the extend that “we regard our possessions as part of ourselves”; in other words, we are what we have and possess.

This is certainly a powerful fact of consumer behavior. It means, we consume, or buy the things that we feel will define ourselves better.

In my thesis, I did a research on time orientation. The perspective on time that is align with how we behave and made decisions.

There are three perspective, and based on those perspective I hypothesize an example of what they will consume on.

Past Oriented — This is the people that collect the stuff that reminds them of the past. Ex: Albums, pictures, vintage stuff.

Present Oriented — This is the people that consume things that gives satisfaction right here, right now. Ex: In trend fashion, a fancy meal, newest technology.

Future Oriented — This is the people bought the things that is intended for a better tomorrow. Ex: Investment, insurance.

I believe the better off will be those who are future oriented, since they plan ahead. But of course it is better to have a balance orientation, a balance consumption between those three, and each are important in a different degree.

This suggest that, we may see more if we observe. we may see the characteristic of someone just by watching them do simple stuff, like in this case, their consumption. which one are they more oriented to. It also emphasize that throughout life we seek to express ourselves through possessions, to rewind ourselves of experience, accomplishments and other people in our lives, to seek happiness, and even create a sense of immortality after death.