Research Journal week 8

This week we sunk our educational fangs into the concept of participatory culture and Intellectual property. That is to say, we talked about copyright a whole lot this week in our discussions and in our readings. From Rostama to Lessig, everyone seems to argue that copyright is a major source of contention in the U.S. and something that most certainly could use a good bit of working over in the lawmaking departments. I talked at length about DRM and how it choked the gaming industry, so gamers simply cracked it and pirated it as a form of protest against the practice, with those actually purchasing the game sharing cautionary tales of being screwed over by the DRM as it seemed to destroy hard drives in its infancy. In the end, this week felt more like a refresher on a topic I was already pretty innately comfortable with more than a lesson. Every week can’t be enlightening, but it is nice to be able to talk about a topic you know.

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