Most People Have More Faith in their Fears than their Dreams. Are you one of them?

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

“This the day the Lord has given us” was the first quote I read this morning. What an easy way to turn things around if you ask me. A perfect reminder that each day is a blessing, and maybe not to overthink things so much… so you can at least enjoy what’s ahead.

Actually, this quote came to me at the perfect time. Somewhere between worrying that today will look like yesterday, and that I might never get the tomorrow I wanted, “This the day the Lord has given us.” In other words, have a little faith, Sarah.

Mind you… I’ve been quite troubled with my faith lately. If I’m honest, I’m battling myself between whether I’m ready to put my faith in the universe or if I’ll ever be able to trust Life again.

And, you see, that’s where my lesson of the day started. It all kind of started when I woke up this morning. Some time before my mind was fully conscious, I woke up to a loud monologue of inner chatter… Mostly doubts that today will be good, definitely some memories of the days it hasn’t been.

So, how was I ready to open myself to the infinite possibilities that the day might hold, if I was already tied down to only 2 different outcomes: today will be a miracle, or today will not.

I really hope my days turn out nicely, and most of the time they do. But, if you asked me to have a little faith in an extraordinary miracle, my answer would be that it doesn’t happen much around here.

And… well… that’s a lie. Because, the truth is, miracles actually happen to me often. But not the ones I’m hoping for. I guess you can say I have enough faith that I’ll have a good day, I’ll see some birds, watch a really nice sunset, and most likely have a breakthrough moment.

For those, I’m infinitely grateful. I bask in the glory that Life gives me another day, I appreciate all the tiny things around me, like ants passing by, birds calling my name, and the kind smiles I see along the way.

(And, here’s the BIGGGGG) But!

I would really like something big and different to happen to me, today.

Like the day I wake up, and that opportunity is finally in my hands. Or, the morning I open my eyes to know that I can finally take that spontaneous trip. Or, deepest of all, waking my eyes to see that Life has given me something HUGELY VISIBLE today. Like a couple thousand bucks. Or, that my blog posts went viral!

I mean, it’s not much to ask for right? I feel like I’ve worked hard enough to earn it. I’ve been an obedient little soldier, and I’ve done what was asked of me out of the goodness of my heart and wanting to see others succeed.

So, on that little side note, herein lies the moment I realized my faith was weak.

You know, I surround myself with empowered women who swear it’s all about trusting the universe. I live with a man who wakes up and expects the world in the palm of his hands and… well… he gets it. And, not only that, but I’ve witnessed countless others work for the day it all happened, and for some reason still swear it was a stroke of luck sent from way above.

When is mine arriving?

So, you see, this is when I started working on my faith. A little bit of re-wiring beliefs here, a whole lot of “feeling it before I see it” there. And, daily conversations with the Big Guy, no doubt.

A lot of people swear that the sum of their success is attributed to two things: one, the undeniable belief they have in themselves, and two, the power of their trust in the universe.

And, I realized that I had more faith in things not showing up than trusting they actually will.

So, here’s what I gathered.

For one, you have to connect. You have to connect to the part of yourself (and to the universe) that knows that anything is possible… and it’s possible now. You have to come to a 100% committed belief that you are ready to see what you want… and without a doubt, it’s going to happen.

I realized that I never fully committed to proving that it could happen. I’ve played with little synchronicities of asking and receiving. But, I never believed something big could happen. That’s where I always crossed the line.

I needed to forget all the doubts and limiting expectations, and for five freaking minutes, just believe in myself. And, I know it sounds difficult and unrealistic, but if I’ve trusted that I would see negative things for so long, I should be able to have faith in something good happening, right?

So, here’s the next thing. ASK.

ASK. ASK. ASK. And, more importantly, receive. Allow yourself to actually receive the things that you want, and stop wondering where the fuck it’s gonna come from. Who cares. You don’t need to know. I learned that having faith is simply believing in what you cannot see.

I believe that God exists, and yet I haven’t seen it a day in my life. But the more I would believe that a little hunch was true, and stopped relying on any proof to make it happen, the more things would appear out of thin air. (Oh, yes. And, I’m not crazy.)

So, believe in your dreams coming true. Believe so hard in what you can’t see that your success will have no choice but to miraculously show up from the unknown.

And, more than anything. Expect only what you want. Trust that you can actually see exactly what you’re looking for, and stop selling yourself short. You give up your power by expecting less than what you really want. WANT IT AND CLAIM IT, MATE. Don’t settle. Don’t wait, and don’t accept anything less than what you want for yourself.

I know that we’re gonna face those doubts. I am right now. But, if for two minutes you can put aside feeling powerless, feeling like you’re unsupported, or that no one is listening, you might actually get what you’re looking for.

Yes, patience is virtue. I learned that. But, there’s one thing that contradicts that statement, and it’s when you start relying on “patience” as an excuse to give up your power. You are fucking magical. You’ve created this whole life for yourself, and out of your own mind and a little faith, you conjured up an entire existence! That is utterly magical!

So, don’t wait for your dreams to show up. And, stop trusting your fears.

A little faith is your pixie dust for making anything come true…

…and, right about now… It’s all coming true.

So, my last words are this:

There’s something out there far greater and more powerful than you. That essence, itself, has watched you since birth and waited long and patiently for you to finally believe in your own effing Self!

99% of getting what you want is going to consist of only believing it can happen. Just acknowledge that you’re more than you’ve ever given yourself credit for, and step into your place of power so you can embody what you want so badly. When you finally believe that you, and you alone, are enough to make it happen… that tiny 1% that is the universe will conspire to let you see it.

Sprinkling, on you, some magic!

And a whole lot of Faith… in yourself.

All my love,

Sarah Elle



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