Why We Need Business School Reform
Mei Chang

As a business major myself, I don’t disagree with your premise though the first step in allowing students to dream a little would be to eliminate the 6-figure price tag that comes along with either an undergrad or Master’s degree.

Similar to medical or law school, tuition is so steep that once students start they almost have to finish in order to have any chance of paying back that debt, regardless of where their hearts actually lie.

I’m not necessarily aligned with the thought of philanthropy as a universal core corporate mandate but I do think that students need to develop a sense of social awareness and empathy. I wouldn’t necessarily expect a company to use corporate resources to make the world a better place but I would expect that management would be smart & aware enough to ‘do no harm’ and to not be morons about it.

IB (the trading side) is the worst. Yes, there are always the core arguments in support of investment banking overall about providing liquidity and ensuring efficient markets, etc. but at the end of the day 99% of the people on the desk make nothing, own nothing, risk nothing, and add little to no value to anything but their own pockets. Unfortunately, a lot of the ‘banker’ stereotypes are absolutely true.

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