We Can’t Put Uber and Lyft Back in the Garage
Nicole Dieker

Hi, Austinites. Welcome to what it’s like to live in the suburbs.

BTW — we don’t have great ridesharing service here but I think that thus far most of us suburbanites have figured out how not to drive drunk.

Also, while much of the noise over prop 1 may have been over fingerprints, it also contained a provision that would allow the services to stop in a traffic lane to pickup/drop off fares (vs. having to pull over to the side of the street). I’m thinking that the people who voted no against prop 1 didn’t give a hoot about the fingerprints, they voted against drivers being able to pickup/drop off in the middle of traffic.

Also also, I hope that the only people who are complaining about things are the ones that actually voted else I see foreshadowing for a certain national election to be held later this year.

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