That Time We Tried to Buy a House (and Failed)

I appreciate your sentiment but one word of advice. Bad habits (especially financial ones) die hard. Things might be fine as long as your husband is laser focused on not slipping but the moment he thinks he can relax a bit…BAM, he’ll fall right back into it.

Since his financial decisions now impact you, I recommend that you ask for and maintain a high level of two-way transparency. It’s not that you need to provide approval to his spending or hold the keys to the vault or anything, it’s really just to make sure that there is some mechanism in place to provide your husband with an objective source of feedback.

Foreclosure, followed by a quick desire to jump back into home ownership because the coffers were temporarily full, and a missed credit card payment are not good signs. It doesn’t mean that you husband is a bad guy by any means, it might just imply that he’s more of an impulse spender who doesn’t really consider the future (monetarily, that is) before acting.