I’m taking this opportunity to complain about the wifi connected light bulbs my husband bought.

I installed the Philips bulbs in my house but returned them within two days. Like you, I couldn’t figure out why it was beneficial for me to be able to control the lights with my phone/tablet (and the bulbs didn’t like my dimmer switches, I got an annoying buzz from a couple of them when at full intensity).

I think the key is that you have to have voice activation a la Alexa et al. I could see that being quite convenient. Otherwise, the benefits would really be limited to being able to set up different lighting schemes based on circumstance or time. Since I’m old, I no longer need a ‘party’ or ‘in the mood’ lighting design for my living room.

One cool thing I figured out was how to have my bedside lamp gradually turn on/up in the morning to act as an alarm. That said, that alone wasn’t worth the cost of the bulbs and controller.

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