While certainly there exist those who “milk” expense accounts, most of us that travel on business…

So this. Business travel absolutely sucks and I will take advantage of every perk offered to me for the experience. Those commercials with the tagline “Some people have to travel for work, you get to travel for work” were clearly written for or by people who do not travel for business all that much.

It’s funny when people ask about my business travel and get impressed by the number of places I rattle off. What they don’t realize is all I really got to see of those locations was the place where I was working, the hotel, the airport, and the places that I ate (which are generally pre-planned and out of my control).

Generally, adding extra time to the trip for site-seeing sucks because that’s even more time away from your home and family. Trust me, staying in a hotel by yourself or only with ‘work’ people over a weekend isn’t all that fun no matter what attractions are available to you. Much better to be home with loved ones.

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