Is Anyone Going to the Tax March This Weekend?
Nicole Dieker

The organizers themselves seem confused. Either protest to have Trump release his returns OR protest for a more fair tax system. Trying to achieve both in the same event just leads towards speculation that the group is protesting just to protest. They’re totally different issues…the fact that both topics contain the word ‘tax’ does not make them similar.

Also, I’m all for civil protests but both of these are lost causes. If widespread media attention didn’t move the needle on old Donny releasing his tax returns it’s highly unlikely that a march will do much to swing the pendulum. It’s not like he doesn’t know the public wants him to release his returns…it’s that he just doesn’t care.

As for a march for an equal tax system…might as well make it a ‘Save the Unicorns” march. This is something that’s great in theory but is impossible in practice. It’s just not going to happen. Much better to organize people around specific tax rules and run a targeted campaign for change via organized calls/mails/communications to representatives.

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