At What Point in a New Relationship Do You Discuss Credit Scores?
Nicole Dieker

We only discussed it as part of an overall money talk when the topic became relevant to our plans (in this case, moving in together) but honestly we didn’t really care about exact credit scores. We were more interested in making sure that we understood each other’s money philosophy so we knew if anything would have to change and to make sure we were clear on how money would be handled in the future (how to share expenses, etc.).

Funny enough, I don’t think my partner knows exactly how much I make anymore and I only know her ballpark salary because she asked me to negotiate her last couple of car purchases for her. We keep our finances fairly separate and each handle our own spending/saving from our own salaries since we trust each other enough to keep things reasonable.

There is definitely something to be said for finding a partner that is responsible with their money.

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