5 things I did in Forensics that I wouldn’t do in real life!

As we all know Forensics (Speech & Debate) is a unique activity that brings a wide range of interesting people together. With any activity that has a large participant base, those inside begin to develop quirks, inside jokes and strange behaviors that those on the outside would deem a bit crazy. I never thought about these things until I came out on the other side as a coach and educator. Here are the 5 things that I did in Forensics that I don’t do in the real world:

1.) Talk to walls

Nothing has ever made me feel more awkward yet more empowering than reciting my piece to a wall. (yes, including gestures and everything) When it comes to inanimate objects, I don’t discriminate. I have engaged in 8-minute one sided conversations with mirrors, lockers, and even bowling balls. (Long story lol) Definitely something that I can’t do on the streets without the fear of being thrown in a white coat.

2.) Publicly dancing at 2pm.

Every state is different but I competed in the WI Forensics circuit where there would be a Dj at some meets (typically middle school meets) playing music right before we broke until awards and it was awesome! For those that may feel a little bummed because they didn’t break, there is no way that frown won’t turn upside down when Katy Perry is playing in the background. It was one of my favorite parts of the day!

3.) Bring homework to a venue and NOT do it!

Now I know this one is a bit of a stretch but back in my day, (I’ve never felt that old saying a phrase.) I was notorious for bringing homework and never finishing it. Every Saturday I would be sooo prepared to work on some school subject during down time but you can’t expect that when everyone else is having so much fun. Forensics is Definitely the greatest activity ever but it can be such a distraction in this regard.

4.) Get excited to wake up before the chickens do!

Now, I am a pretty early riser but I do that out of habit instead of joy. However; Forensics meets and that time I went to The Wisconsin Dells are the only times that I have actually been excited to wake up that early. I think it springs from the pure pleasure of competing in this activity and now as a coach, the excitement is even larger as I hope that every single one of my students has as much fun as I did.

5.) Sharing!

This one may seem odd but since I was an only child, it took a while for me to learn to share with others and that included a few years of High School as well. The one place that I would share was at a Forensics meet. Why? Well, It felt like family, I still talk to most of the friends that I gained from this glorious activity. Two of them are LITERALLY family, I go to their homes for Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. They have done so much for me and it’s amazing to be able to call them family. Shout out to Margaret and Elizabeth, love you gals!

Speaking of sharing, it would absolutely make my day if those of you that are reading this would share it for me! Seriously, this is the primary way that you can help me spread the word and aid me in my goal of inspiring everyone through the wonderful world of Forensics!