I don’t write anymore, like I used to

It’s impossible for me to tell you when I last wrote. And I mean writing for myself, for the purpose enjoyment. I’ve written lots over the last few years realistically, for universtiy, for the newspaper and well not really much else.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve wanted to write, I’ve wanted to share my work. I’ve even written several posts for this blog and then deleted them. Even contemplating deleting this blog altogether. But the app still sits on my phone. I am unable to part with the idea of being a writer. Despite aiming my focus on the publishing industry these days.

I’ve struggled to balance my life and have time for writing as a hobby. Working, studying and student media have taken a lot out of my schedule. Managing a social life ( a boyfriend and a dog) has been enough of a strain on the remaining time as it is.

I’m determined now more than ever though, to make writing and media my ‘thing’. To make this my year, to make an impact. This isn’t a new years resolution so hopefully it isn’t headed straight for disaster.

Here’s hoping.

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