Rapper/Philanthropist Vows To Limit Offensive Lyrics In Next Album Titled 'Infinite N-Bombs'

COMPTON, CA (Habanero of Texas) – In an interview straight out of Compton, we caught up with an up and coming rapper who is known by many in the Compton area as, “Pimp’in EZ.” In light of racial tensions in several parts of the country, Pimp’in went on record and vowed to limit the use of stereotypical offensive rap lyrics in his next album titled, “Infinite N-Bombs,” which is set to release next week at “Clarence Sound and Music Studio” located at the corner of West 53rd and Haslett Road.

“I got respect for what we see going on and yeah.. I’m going to cut back on my use of some… know what I’m saying..” said Pimp’in.

Some lyrics set to be scaled back in this album are:

“Repeated use of the N-word”
“B#@%h Slapping #&*s”
“Burning on pigs”
“Slinging white soda”
“Hidden ivory on the corna”
“Raping the hood fo cent”
“Fornicating da Popo”

That was just a few Pimp’in threw at us off the top of his head, but he made sure to point out that his willingness to limit these references were by no means a full fledged censorship of all the terms he listed. He told us that many of those terms stem from an “inner core” (sic) of rap principles, and rich historic death row culture.
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