Lets address blade runner and it’s beauty.

It was a month ago that I went to the cinema with my girlfriend, we were both sure about what movie we should watch, blade runner 2049.

I was not a fan of the blade runner franchise, I have not watch the first movie. what draw me into watching it was the director, Denis Villeneuve, this guy is amazing he is relatively new for me I have only seen Sicario, Prisoners and Arrival, all thrilling and exciting movies with different but great stories, told in a slowly and delightful way.

What is blade runner about?

Well it is supposed to be about robots, but actually I think is all about humanity, about discrimination, about fear to the diversity or different races if we focus on races, about hate and the superficiality of human connections. The movie takes places in a world after and era where you could manufacture robots to be obedient, also is relevant to mention there was a kind of rebellion that took place thanks to a blackout.

So we have obedience, revolution, prohibition, fear to change, also there is this apparent emptiness in the protagonist and not less important the menace of the robots to be capable of reproduction.

The psychology perspective in Blade Runner.

American Psycho (2000)

But also the film gives us the opportunity to desire through someone else or in this case through something, which the fact that it is something not a someone is what gives emotion to the film in other level. The main character is detached from human bonds or profound relationships, which is an interesting proposal because it is attractive or alluring to the audience to witness a character that is unattached to the social bonds, we can see this in movies like American Psycho, the T.V. series Dexter, Mr. Brooks with Kevin Costner just to mentioned some of them. These characters are attractive because they are free of the demands other people tend to do and they only live to satisfied themselves, in a very narcissistic way.

So we have our narcissistic android as a protagonist, which is enough to capture our attention, but as a plus “it” decides he wants to experience humanity, he wants to make sure if his/its memories are true or implanted, as a patient in psychotherapy after realizing about the psychic repression.

In a way if we think of the movie character as a subject trying to realize about his memories if they are true or false, making some kind of psychoanalytic exercise and resigning to his narcissism by looking for a meaningful relationship or where there is something else beyond his programing, experience emotions and building bonds with other people or droids. If we see the movie like this, then it is a movie about growing up, about stopping childhood, about not being selfish or narcissistic.

The movie capture our attention because it shows us two different characters in the same one, the independent and isolated android and the other one who looks for answers and human touch, so it is easy to relate to the one looking for human touch and is easy to desire the independent and isolated aspect of the character.