Pleased to meet you, let me introduce myself

So I had this idea of starting to write just as a getaway alternative, I imagine is a common habit and a nice one to practice, first I want to clarify that english is not my main language, but the absence of posts in spanish is disturbing. So what about me? who am I? and what am I'm pursuing with this thing?

First of all is to practice my skills not as a writer or a storyteller, only my narrative or my redaction in some circumstances. I used to write about college works principally essays, now I am graduated and I found myself in a tight spot where my previous posts are not read by anyone else beside me…

Sad but true, also I believe it could be a different exercise if I keep it not work related and in english.

As my first publication again allow me to introduce myself, my name is hmmm lets keep the english persona and call me Edward…

A millennial, aquarius, with a sense of humor, sarcastic, fanatic of all music and some movies, I love eating and taking naps (which I don't do recently, the naps I mean) I dislike the tags and social categories like millennials but I think it is an interesting theory about generations. About the zodiac symbols, that I find it ridiculous.

As I type and imagine the future of this blog I picture it as a movie opinion site, maybe I’ll throw some video games or psychology content, almost forgot to mention psychology is my profession.

By the way I’m listening to tom waits, the song is called “invitation to the blues” not quite how i feel right now but i simply love tom waits tunes. A proper invitation song that looks partners with equal frequencies, my spirit or style is blue, i got the attitude of a loner without the sadness. The typical guy that loves the me time.

Dont know much what else to say but i imagine this counts as a good new start.

p.s. Chose “hot dog” cause i recently found out it is used as an interjection and i believe its very funny and decided to use any way i want it, so without nothing else to say or ad, read you later, hot dog!