Letter to a special friend

Dear X,

It tears me to think that in such a simple fashion you were able to dispense of an eleven year old relationship. Yet, life goes on for both of us, uninhibited by the way things have panned out. The saddest part of the entire thing is that both of us are continuing with our lives, oblivious to the magnitude of the things that had unfolded. Perhaps, at a wiser age, we may reminisce over the wasteful decisions we made. Eleven years of friendship is hard to come by. As some wise gentleman said, only three things matter in the end:

How much you loved,
How gently you lived,
How gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

I do not believe we have reached the last stage yet , but if it is that you want with us, then I shall let go of perhaps the most beautiful thing that was not meant for me. This time, there shall not be any tears shed, any memories evoked, or promises broken. This time I shall let go of you gracefully. And with an unimaginably large thank you from my heart, for making me laugh when everything seemed bleak, for finding the love of my life, for having blessed my life with your presence, for marrying me in another realm of reality. This is farewell.

I only request you of two things — an invite to your special day, and to not delete this letter from existence. This letter is proof of the insurmountable challenges that life threw at us. This is proof of the defeat that we conceded. But we are only human. We are not perfect. Defeats are natural. We shall remain etched in each other’s hearts until both of us enter the void.

Your T.

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