I Get a Reward?

Something interesting that I have seen in the recent articles about my topic is that there is an increasing amount of companies who are beginning to offer rewards in various forms to employees who have achieved the biggest change in physical abilities within a predetermined span of time. Although there have been several articles that write about the concept of paying employees to become more fit, I think that only now are these effects actually playing a bigger part in the synergy within the company itself.

“ I asked around at work what my co-workers thought would be a better incentive for losing weight or trying to live a healthier lifestyle. They agreed that if they got a more immediate and tangible reward, like a new iPad, they would be more interested in trying to lose weight.” -Oscar Bolton Green

The article “A Workplace Lure: Get Fit, Win Prize” written by Oscar Bolton Green is in response to another article “Paying Employees to Lose Weight” by Mitesh S. Patel, David A. Asch and Kevin G. Volpp.

What peaked my interest for these two articles is the difference in opinions in terms of ways to motivate not only employees but also younger people in school settings such as college and high school students. Throughout the articles they go on to talk about the difficulties that arise when trying to get your employees to become more fit in the slight hope that their increased physical abilities can contribute to the quality work that they do. In addition, withing Greens response, there are two other responses by different people who provide other situations where the idea of providing rewards for others hard work is enacted. One instance where this principle was used was depicted when it was used to get college students to come to class by assigning point values based off of their attendance in the class.

Deeper than this though. I feel that in today's current society, there are many people who have little to no way of motivating themselves to doing anything that they want to do. Even menial tasks become difficult for some of us here in college because as of right now there are just too many things that we have to do or take care of that we are at a mental overload. Then after a short amount of time we turn from ecstatic young adults to potatoes who only know how inhabit a space the size of one car garage. For me personally, there are things that I feel so unmotivated about but the me from 6 months ago would not waste a single second when deciding whether or not to go. I just think that people need to rekindle their own sense of productivity and if it means that we must enact new programs to ensure the participation of even the laziest individuals then I think it is worth doing.

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