Topic Background (rough Draft )

My blog topic is revolving around health issues, mainly around food and exercise habits that people try to inherit with the intention of becoming more fit. In addition, I will add my own personal description of the health choices that I make and how they will affect me. The topic is important for those people whom are trying to develop or inherit their own health plan but lack aren’t sure of what will benefit them the most. For all they know they could be doing everything wrong and instead of reaching their goal they accomplish something totally different. In terms of background knowledge, people might recall that over the last few decades there have been several accounts where health and food studies have been incorrect, therefore leading to large mass confusion about certain food topics. Examples such as coffee, which was originally thought of as something that was terribly bad for us and could actually result in reducing our height, was actually found to be able to boost a persons metabolism for several hours. I think that the average person doesn’t know all of the different things that we can do in order to lose weight or gain muscle.

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