Ruby Prices In India

Ruby is a naturally found precious gemstone that is associated with wealth and luxury. It is an attractive gemstone which is very closed to women’s heart. Ruby gemstone is also called “Manik” in Hindi. It has a very old association with Hinduism. According to Vedic astrology it is also called the gem of the Sun, the king of all celestial bodies. Sun is the energy giver and nurturer and the soul of human kind or Kalpurusha. Crimson colored rubies are so gorgeous that they can beat colorless diamonds hands down any day. Westerners born in July consider ruby as their birth stone.

Ruby Stone

Let us list you the best astrological benefits of Ruby (Manik):

1. Ruby helps you overcome timidity and boosts your self confidence. It works wonders for people for fail to create a bold impression for themselves.

2. Rubies can also help you garner help and support from confidants and administration

3. Rubies are a eternal symbol of love. They are considered as souvenirs to express your timeless love.

4. Ruby has intense effects and helps in revitalizing your health. It can heal you from sickness and depression

5. It adds on to your luxurious collection. In ancestral times, rubies were worn by emperors. It marks for royalty.

6. Ruby also boosts your self-awareness, realization of truth and guides you steadily on your path of life

7. The other notable functions of ruby are that if makes you alert and keeps you sharp. People who lack concentration and lack of zeal can be hugely benefit from wearing a ruby.

8. Ruby also helps you garner unparallel success in competitive exams, government jobs etc.

9. Ruby also acts as a Muladhara Chakra and can balance gemstone chakra therapy.

gemstoneuniverse : best available varieties of Ruby in India.

We deal in top quality ruby from around the world — Burma, Thailand, Mysore, Mozambique, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Mexico. We also deal in original pigeon blood rubies from Mandalay, Burma (Known as the best graded ruby in the world).

Ruby prices depend on the below factors, kindly check and verify before you make a purchase:

1. Origin of the stone: Burma and Thailand stones are of higher value. They are of extreme good clarity and color. Since they are rare to find their cost is also higher than most other varieties.

2. Ruby Color and clarity: Rubies generally come with mineral infringement in them such as magnesium nd nickel deposit. These deposits make the ruby look unclear. You may notice lint’s if these deposits in the stone. So stones will less amount of mineral deposit will cost you more.

3. Cut and gloss: Princess cut rubies cost the most. They can also be shaped in heart, oval or round cuts. You may choose them as per liking.

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