2 proven ways to get better tub time

Welcome to day eight of the chronic illness challenge!can you believe it?you’re doing great!

Today’s awesome challenge:

Take a contrast shower or Epsom salt bath.

Read on to find out the amazing benefits of both, and how to do them. How about we start with Epsom salt?

What is Epsom salt?

Epsom salt is magnesium,a natural mineral that has incredible health benefits.

What are the benefits of Epsom salt?

  • Reduces muscle aches and pains
  • Stress relief
  • A natural laxative
  • Assists your body to help absorb nutrients
  • Can help relieve or prevent migraine headaches

To find more benefits of Epsom salt,take a look here

How to use Epsom salt:

To take a bath in Epsom salt,pour one to two cups of Epsom salt in warm water and soak for at least half an hour to get the full benefits.

Who should not use Epsom salt?

Ask your doctor if it’s ok to use if you have diabetes, kidney disease, are on a low magnesium diet, or have a eating disorder.

do not use more then the reccomned dose. in too large amounts, magnesium can be deadly.

a complete list of warning and who should not use epsom salt.

It is recommended to have three epsom salt baths a week.

All about contrast showers

What are contrast showers?

In a contrast shower, you repeatedly switch from warm water to cool water,warm water to cool water .

When you use warm water, you activate your blood vessels, which fill your body with blood. When you switch to cool water, the temperature then directs all that blood to your internal organs.

this is where you find out more

What are the benefits of contrast showers?

Contrast showers detox your systems. They help make your organs work better, by pumping your blood to them.

it is also said to work for:

  • reducing muscle spasms
  • helping people with an intolerance to extreme temperatures, or sudden temperature changes
  • relieves muscle soreness
  • boosting your immune system

Instructions for taking a contrast shower:

it’s fast, effective and easy. My doctor instructed me (see, i told you that this is medically proven stuff) to do one minute of warm water, then one minute of cool water, and repeat for five minutes, ending off on cool water.

Remember the water needs to be cool or warm, not hot or cold.

if you have any medical condition, consult with your doctor before trying a contrast shower.

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What’s your favorite way to detox?

Originally published at thelifeyougaveme.wordpress.com on August 16, 2016.