Nov 13, 2014 · 2 min read

How To Make Your Hair Extensions Look Natural

Hair extensions can quickly and afford-ably update one’s look. It can temporarily add volume, length and style to so you can easily change looks. Wearing hair extensions could be really fun and exciting; just make sure that they look completely natural so you won’t endure the worst hair and beauty disaster. And to do so, it is important that you follow these natural hair extensions tips.

First, avoid hair extensions made from synthetic materials. Choose those from 100% real hair for that natural feel, texture, and consistency. Human hair also tangles less and can be treated exactly the same as your own hair. ONYC® Hair offers you a great selection of high-quality hair extensions that will give you that natural look and fell.

Second, find a shade that matches your own hair color. Compare colors in natural light and if possible, get a sample so you can personally try blending it onto your own hair.

Third, fit it well. Seek help from your trusted hairstylist or learn the techniques in fitting it right so it blends naturally with your hair. Don’t forget to do the flip and shake thing so that fake strands and your own strands blend together.

Fourth, give your ONYC® Hair extensions the TLC it deserves. Keep the hair extensions looking fabulous by strictly following the aftercare tips included in the package. Wash and style it with hair extension-friendly products. Be gentle with it and do not overdo styling and treatments. While 100% human hair can be restyled over and over again and can hold treatments better than synthetic hair, it is still important that you keep an eye on the chemical processes it undergoes.

Fifth, invest in it. There are the cheaper synthetic hair extensions and the more expensive ones made from 100% human hair. The synthetic ones of course have the synthetic texture and look to it so do not expect that it will blend into your real hair naturally. Extensions made of natural human-grown hair may be almost undetectable but they are more expensive. Also, it is vital that you carefully select the product as there are low-quality human-grown hair extensions available in the market today. Be sure that you buy high-quality remy, virgin or cuticle hair such as ONYC® Hair so that your extensions will give you the most natural-looking style, volume, or length.

You see, there is no point in wearing extensions when people can see that they are fake. So the ultimate goal here is to hide your tricks of looking more attractive. Follow these steps and your hair ONYC® Hair extensions will be indistinguishable from your natural hair.

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