Stare at yourself and see possibilities

See farther!!

Boundless opportunities: a master at what you do, an exceptional global leader impacting lives; perhaps a great partner to someone, a giver of hope to a somewhat despairing world, an awesome friend come rain or sunshine or a globe-trotting and record-breaking musician. What do you see in yourself?

Everytime I stare at myself I see endless possibilities, though my vision is sometimes blurred by the difficulties I face daily. Reality. Then again, who said it’s gon’ be easy?

Challenges persist, taking re-routes becomes a necessity. A breathtaking journey’s never a straight line. Amid all of these challenges, I stare at myself and see amazing things.

I see — albeit some only in my head for now — a close-knit family, wonderful friends, positive impact in society, significance, globe-trotting, I see self as a business, man! I proceed to stare and see … man, son, brother, friend, uncle, exceptional communicator, enterprising human being, a household name, hope, love and sincerity on two legs, an overall lover of all things awesome.

Though even with a positive mindset creeps in a pinch of self-doubt at times. The following is what I’ve realised from conversations with fellow young people and my observations of them — especially in the townships and ones from disadvantaged backgrounds. We live as if we’ll get another chance to live once we pass on, we’re forever tip-toeing around — never in charge. Or we are, occasionally though. All this is as a result of where we’re born and bred and more essentially, what we fill our minds with — and many other factors. We’re never satisfied with running in our own lane, we’d rather keep up with the provebial Jones’s.

We often don’t believe the cake is big enough for all of us, thus we see others as competition. Oftentimes, we present a united front, but aren’t united. We chase the frivolous, yes! We just call it “being cool”. Indeed we’re social beings, but why we always seek to fit in and be validated by others to a point of immense self-compromise is beyond me.

We don’t believe in ourselves and our story, we have many insecurities and yes, everybody has them. But not everyone lets those insecurities paralyse them. It was a phenomenal actor namedSeputla Sebogodi who, in an episode of the South African soap opera Generations, said emphatically: “Nerves are a waste of time!” I’ve never forgotten that scene.

To turn your life around, initially you don’t need deep pockets, contrary to popular belief. It’s just for you to get your mind right. Don’t race with others, life ain’t a sprint but a marathon (I’m certain you’ve heard that one before). Shun being cool according to other people’s terms — it’s your life! So ultimately, in your life, make vision trend. Hashtag I SEE AMAZING THINGS. Hashtag POSSIBILITIES. Hashtag GREATNESS. Hashtag I AM AWESOME.

Here’s the thing, or as Xhosa-speaking folk would have it: nans’ into, Despite the architecture of my current circumstances, I always stare at myself and see amazing things. Do you?


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