This is a really good deconstruction of ‘reverse racism’.
M p L

Thank you! I think Munroe made all of the points she needed to make. My semantic issue is only with “Yes, ALL white people,” particularly the capped “ALL.” Coming after her comment about the “racial violence of white people,” it puts the blame for said racial violence on everyone who is white. I don’t think it’s fair to say this. I don’t even think all whites are complicit in this racial violence, as there are enlightened ones out there who do realize how the history is tied to the present and ones who do more than just tweet fake outrage over Kylie Jenner’s cornrows. This is what the complainers latched onto and this is what the Daily Mail twisted into its inaccurate “She thinks all white people are racist” headline. I’m sure many who complained didn’t even bother to read the entire post. They just saw that “ALL” and began screaming “Reverse racism!” and bloody murder. I’ve been where Munroe is, only I didn’t have anything as lucrative as a L’Oreal endorsement at stake.

I’ve been to this rodeo so many times that I know the white “reverse racism” outrage by heart.

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