The Personalization of “Make America Great Again

What Would Themistocles Do? He would Create a 3:1 Advantage

Themistocles saved western civilization, because he Controlled the Context.

After Marathon when others celebrated, he saw the correct context for all Greeks; they had been lucky.

When he needed money to build a fleet, and the threat was still far off, he changed the context for the Athenians by saying they could use it against a rival city.

In tricking Xerxes to rush his attack with a false retreat ruse; he changed the context for his enemy.

By fighting at Salamis, in front of the refugees of Athens, he set the proper context for his sailors, win or lose it all.

This election about more than just character it’s also about policy. To win the election, Themistocles would change the context to target his opponent’s weakest point. So where is that?


A classic military strategy is to Attack where there is a 3:1 advantage over the Defender. Both Hillary and Trump are attacking and defending based on their respective strategies.

Trump is attacking with “Make America Great Again” which is calls out the failures of the progressive agenda. In comparison, Hillary’s campaign message of “Better Together” is incoherent given the Democrat’s legacy of identity group politics. It’s Trump’s army of deplorables versus Hillary’s coalition of fiefdoms. Advantage Trump.

Hillary is attacking on character and is aimed at her opponent’s fitness for office. Trump is defending with his business record and counterattacking on Hillary’s fitness. Their best weapons are, the mainstream media who is attacking for Hillary, and WikiLeaks and amped-up deplorables defending and counterattacking for Trump.

This is an asymmetrical war; the guerrillas versus the regular army. The movie The Hunger Games could be a familiar analogy; it’s Trump’s outer districts attacking Hillary’s capital and their inner district allies. Does Trump have a 3:1 advantage in this political configuration? No.

The problem for the guerrilla warrior is holding territory. And the MSM army has the size and firepower to take back what the insurgent’s gain. Advantage Hillary.

But is there anyone left in American who thinks Hillary is NOT an over-the-top liar? Of course not.

But why should anyone defend the indefensible? Because it’s not Hillary that they are defending. It’s the progressive agenda and their own elite status that comes with promoting it. The progressive agenda is their meal ticket to the capital lifestyle.

So they defend the progressive agenda at any cost. For the elites, it’s vital to keep their coalition of interest groups under the agenda’s control. They must keep the inner districts from joining the resistance.

To do this they employ their best weapon, the MSM, to launch daily kamikaze attacks against Trump’s character. The aim to slow down the momentum of Trump’s insurgent army.

What about journalism’s fidelity to finding the truth? That was laid waste a long time ago. To the MSM and the elites, it just doesn’t matter. If false stories are quickly debunked by the insurgents, they will just keep spinning up more, all the way to election day. And to protect their meal tickets, lifestyles, and capital social status, the MSM Elites will accept enormous collateral damage to pretty much anything.

This fanaticism makes sense from their perspective. They think their belief in the progressive agenda gives them the right to own truth in this country. Besides, didn’t their leader tell the American people last time, “you didn’t build it”? They are saying the progressive agenda built it.

And if we didn’t get the message before, MSM Elites will just have to keep telling us, “Look, America is systematically racist and sexist because you are, it’s in your hearts and your DNA. So we Elites are going to rebuild it for you.” But truth can trump delusions. The MSM incantations only have the power we allow them.

Trump must defend his character to stay in the fight. But in focusing their attacks on Trump’s character and the character of his “deplorable” supporters, the MSM / elites have exposed their weakest spot.

The soft underbelly of the progressive elite agenda is this: no one actually believes in the progressive agenda; it failed a long time ago.

Do the supposed beneficiaries believe in it, after their hopes and dreams taken were and replace with meaningless charms? Nope. Do the taxpayers that have watched their money go up in smoke believe? Nope. Do the progressive system administrators, with their sinecures and professional accreditations actually believe it? No, but they stay busy and employed by casting magic spells about “reform”. This failure is obvious to everyone. They feel it in the hearts even if their thinking is purposely muddled by the elite’s unending production of illusion.

Except for the hardcore cynics that will use any “ism” as a path to power. For the power hungry, progressivism has been a very good ride.

Action Plan

Trump’s army needs to point its best weapon, social media, at the failed progressive ideal. This is their weakest link.

Character is still important. Hillary is weak on this, but while WikiLeaks may be her undoing, time is short. And long-term, the progressive elites would simply find another standard bearer.

The progressive agenda is a zombie army of dead ideas.

By continuing to promote their agenda, the progressive elites are conning America. When challenged, they just up the ante: more money, more programs, more problems to solve. They never stop; and they never will. This is their strength, for the know if the illusion ends, if the magic spell is broken, it’s over for them. So we hear of new problems to solve, even ones they themselves have created. Finding problems, not real solutions, serves their purposes. And with their interest group focused tactics, the number of problems just grows larger. For the elites, divisiveness is good; it enables them to divide and rule over us.

But the worst is this, by endlessly shouting racism, sexist, and so on, they have furthering the belief that success is an insurmountable barrier for some. They say it’s systemic, in people’s DNA and their hearts. Their divisive version of the American Dream has become the one written on Dante’s gate to Hell, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”.

The end result of this con game is that they take away hope from others and giving to themselves. For they need false hopes to keep their dead ideas and failed policies alive.

Breaking the Illusion with a Powerful Message

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” message is spot on target.

It can be even more powerful with personalization. What does Making American Great Again mean to each person’s hopes and dreams? For themselves, their families, friends and neighbors?

We don’t need the capital’s or the MSM’s permission for this. We never have, as the pursuit of Happiness is in our founding words.

And no one can stop us from believing in ourselves. So we simply do it.

The elite’s message is just a zombie army of dead ideas. And zombies can only live off of our hopes and dreams.

So we take back control, we chose to repossess, and by this we are taking control of the context.

Victor Frankl wrote about this choice. He lived through the Nazi concentration camps and in 1946 wrote Man’s Search for Meaning. In it he explained why some people survived while most perished, “everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Nothing can take away another person’s free will, if that person is willing to fight to keep it.

So the last fight is between the deplorables and the power mad, over our fellow citizens that are entranced by the elite’s never-ending illusions.

And the context that matters is that every person wants to find meaning in their lives and to have their own personal pursuit of Happiness.

So let’s invite them to join us. Let’s share widely and loudly, 100 million times, what Making America Great Again personally means to us.

If the people in inner districts hear the dreams of the army of deplorables, if they hear the people singing their hope for America, the spell can be broken. After all, who really want to hang with a bunch of dead zombie ideas when you can be among real, leaving and breathing, caring and empowered fellow citizens?

If the spell breaks, it’s much more than a 3:1 strategic advantage.

What is your personal MAGA Dream? What do you hope it could be for friends, families and fellow insurgents?

My dream is that we are all united by one great truth, that in respecting one another’s potential for Greatness we enable the American Dream. In this we become a band of brothers, protecting each other’s dreams from those that would take them for themselves.

Please share this message.

What would Themistocles do Today?

He would talk to his family, friends and social network and tell them that:

“character is important but policy is just as important.

that the real problem is the failed progressive agenda. That the good intention to help others has turned into a government monopoly on moral behavior. And that the elites think they are the only ones with legitimacy.

He will tell them that the elites want to sell us back our own Happiness. And the price they ask is a little just a few more tax dollars. But he isn’t buying it. He’s happy being a deplorable.

And that the elites also want more time to reform their progressive agenda. But he says that the agenda was fatally flawed from the beginning. That if you outsource to the government your personal responsibly to care for others, you can’t then expect others to really care about you. Neglect is repaid with neglect.

He will tell them that this is why the elites can get away with taking your money and also at the same time making you feel bad for their work. He says that how they con us.

Finally, he says that Hillary is the best qualified candidate to preside over the failed progressive agenda and that’s why Themistocles is voting for Trump, to end it once and for all.”

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