How to support an artist you love
Austin Kleon

Thank you for this post! I think sharing the work with others is such a boost of motivation that doesn’t happen much these days. I think it’s a great way to have your work promoted and spread.

However, in social media, I’m not sure people are that encouraging.

For example, I used to have a Facebook (also personal) page to post my illustrations and most times people liked them (clicking “like”) but that was as far as that went. At one point, someone messaged me to take one of my drawings off because they felt offended that my caricature had a double chin and crumbs in their mouth, so I felt horrible and took it down. It made me feel as if my art was offensive or not good. For that and many other unrelated reasons, I deactivated my account and stopped posting there. (Now looking back, I guess I cared too much what people thought and was kind of insecure about my own art).

I am on Instagram and Twitter now and I try to post my art once in a while, but sometimes the best “likes” or “love” clicks you can get, are the ones from people you don’t know and other artists. Facebook was not a good way to spread or get my artwork shared, because my circle was too small and I think they only liked what they liked, so not a place to share freely without someone getting upset.

Do you have any recommendations of online sites(besides a personal portfolio or blog site) where one can share their work and people care enough to share your work with others?

By the way, I love your books: Steal like an Artist and Show Your Work! Your advise and recommendations totally inspired me to continue drawing and designing!


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