Fitness & Android: The Revolution

There’s something special going on at Google. Everyone knows that the US has a problem with obesity. It’s also well known that that a huge percentage of our country uses Smartphones. Google is working hard to make sure the ladder point can help combat the former issue.

For most people the biggest obstacles to getting fit are knowledge and consistency. It’s not just knowing the best gym, or even how best to use the equipment. The most important stuff to know are your own habits. These include habits that have nothing (read: everything) to do with your actual workout. The ability for apps to share their data with Fit means you only have to check one app to be completely in the know. Sharing this info with your trainer or other fitness professional makes their work much more effective.

Apple’s motto used to be “it just works,” but lately it’s Google who’s been consistently making our everyday lives easier. The Google Fit platform is designed to work on every device. That’s right you don’t even need a wearable to take advantage of basic functions. Your phone already does a great job of tracking movement, and movement is the first key to overall health. After setting up Google Fit the first time you’ll get helpful reminders about your activity through out the day. The application will also help you set attainable goals that you can edit at any time. Being able to access the Fit platform anywhere you have connection and a browser means you can keep up with your regimen, even from someone else’s device. Not being locked in to the IOS or Android platform is a staple of Google services, so you can be sure that your fitness data will follow you no matter what Operating System you choose.

This accessibility helps remove some of the everyday hurtles we use as excuses to getting fit. When the day is almost over and you get a reminder telling you that 1000 more steps will get you to your goal, you’re way more likely to take a short walk to meet your mark. Without that little nudge of encouragement I would rarely reach my movement goals on the days I’m bone tired. Google Fit certainly can’t replace a qualified trainer but as a supplement there is nothing better. Especially since your trainer can’t follow you 24/7.

Even if you don’t want to use Google fit, Android is much more friendly to third party devices than iOS. No matter what fitness device you’re using (unless it’s an Apple Watch) you can probably easily sync it’s data to Android. Google’s “Be Together Not The Same,” initiative is helping people of all ages and income brackets discover their fittest self.

Google Fit: Play Store

Written By: Obi Onyeador