My mid 20's:

I am a fashion designer with plenty experience and education to get a designer/ design assistant job in any fashion company in Denmark.

With a strong background in mathematics and IT, I am lately an entrepreneur. Trying to start my own fashion company, once I saw my Danish language is not perfect and I am not chosen over people that have not even finished their educations. I am also partner in a luxury sportswear start-up brand, designing for miss Denmark finalists, working on a fashion illustration book and a course I plan for Udemy; freelancing as make up artist/stylist, working as a beauty advisor/ hair stylist and lash designer to be able to support myself financially in Denmark. A place quite far from home. I am constantly learning the language and whereabouts, paying taxes but still dealing with the non-advantages of being a foreigner. Visiting home as often as possible, trying to be supportive of my victorious mom who’s going through chemo and radiotherapy, learning from a cancer survivor.

Family ? Friends? Gym? Happy boyfriend ? Metime? … ye all that too I’m trying.

And all this does not seem to be enough, although I’m really cool too and obviously very hard working. I was willing to give up quite a lot for a job in fashion, I even felt overqualified for.

There still has been somebody doing better and I’m just wondering , how much more can one in their mid 20's do ?

I could focus on one thing, but it’s all about the same industry, and being poor forces you to know and do everything you can’t afford hiring people for. So yes, I did ended up being good at everything I do. I love every part of it!

But I don’t know what it takes anymore to get a full time job in fashion, I thought I know it all when I used to see others struggling, used to be easy giving advice. Now, I need one !

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