Living in her own world -Part One-

This is not any story… this is my story. I was once an young girl. I am a young girl at heart. But now I am in heaven. This is my story. When did it take place… let’s see… maybe around 2000? You see I have been in heaven so long it seems that I remember nothing to do with the ages. Well, anyhow here’s my story:

I was a young girl. I had everything I needed in life. I was only sixteen years old. I was pretty happy. And then my mother died. That was not the worst part though. My father passed as well, leaving me in the car of my aunt. Aunt Emma.

Aunt Emma. She was a fair woman. Her hair was light blond. She was short and skinny. Her teeth stood straight in line, all pearly white. But one thing made you forget how fair she was. It was her eyes. Those icey, cold blue eyes. If you saw them you would shiver.

As nice as she looked, she was evil.

“Hello,dearie!” Aunt Emma smiled, but anyone could tell it was a forced smile. “Oh…hello, Mr.Homemaker! I promise I will take good care of her!”

Aunt Emma seemed too excited. I was right. The moment I got inside she grabbed my suitcase and tore it out of my hands. “Nessa! Oh Nessa! Mama has some new cloths for yooou!” Her daughter came down. She looked like Aunt Emma. Only her eyes were kind and caring.

“Uh-thanks Mama.” She said. “I’m Nessa. Who are you?”

“I’m-” But I was cut short by four horrid words.

“She is our servant.”