Introducing Myself: Francisco Salinas

In view of the occasion of this workshop, I would like to present myself in relation to distance – a concept that I find increasingly compelling in existential and epistemological terms. This, because I come from afar: from a land drawn by western cartography as one of the latest corners of the earth; from speaking a language that is different from yours; from working back and forth in the abstract domains between philosophy and social knowledge; from travelling back and forth in the concrete divisions between departments of philosophy and sociology.

Thinking about this has made me aware of something in my PhD thesis: somehow, it tries to overcome all this distance. Addressing scholars currently working in the UK, my research –based in a social science’s department – tries to understand what do philosophers do. By doing so, I am looking towards engaging with intellectual work in the country and language that I currently inhabit and feel the nearness of abstraction. Just a thought: maybe most social theory is about recognizing/creating a gap and trying to overcome it in order to follow the relational character of social life.

Rather than writing further about myself, I would prefer to show you a project I am currently working in. In my homeland, I am editor of a journal. Alongside Rodrigo Cordero I run Cuadernos de Teoría Social [Social Theory Notebooks], which is a project committed to creating, developing and disseminating social theory in my first language. If you can read some Spanish, I would be pleased that you could give it a visit:

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