Meaning In Nothingness: Hurting God Physically Through Words


First of all I bear no particular belief, I’m going to discuss all of the given points in the title with extreme caution and objectivity so please bear with me.

This is issue puts in concern our view of “God” as being in the monotheistic religions. The term monotheism refers to the belief in One God who created the world and possess the power to interfere and change worldly matters. The philosophical term used to depict the power of a monotheistic God in Abrahamic religions is omnipotence. The term itself refers to the combination of three main attributes which are Omniscience and it’s The power to know everything there is to know; Omnipresence which means being unbound from the limits of space and time which means the constant existence of such being everywhere and in every time at once and Omnibenevolence which means that he can bestow an unlimited amount of mercy, forgiveness and love on his creatures.

The manifestation of such being in religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism -which all fall under the Abrahamic category- is through either a miracle -still wonder why those don’t happen anymore- or scripture which is is in this case what we got. And the question is :

How could such being be hurt ?

Unfortunately yes, It could be. According to a variety of beliefs and mostly through puny mere words, CURSE WORDS; not as in casting a curse (which will be discussed in the next issues) but as in bad words; Those words that your mama told you that god will hate you for saying them -no wonder he’s omnibenevolent- but however you got angry once and said them which counts as blasphemy if they were anyhow attached to this being or used to describe one of his traits in a negative way which would cause God, The omnipotent being, in Christianity to get hurt Physically.

The term that describes this is “Gadzooks” which means god’s hooks or “zounds” which means god’s wounds which are depicted as the result of blasphemy on god making him physically bleed. The idea first popped in medieval ages as in “minced oaths” The use of minced oaths in English dates back at least to the 14th century, when “gog” and “kokk”, both euphemisms for God, were in use. Other early minced oaths include “Gis” or “Jis” for Jesus (1528). A minced oath is an expression formed by misspelling, mispronouncing, or replacing a part of a profane, blasphemous, or tabooterm to reduce the original term’s objectionable characteristics. Some examples include “gosh” (for God), “darn” and “dang” (for damn), “heck” (for hell),“sugar” or “shoot” (for shit), “fudge” or “frick” or “fvck (for fuck).

The Islamic beliefs are not any better on this one, due to the lack of resources i will rely on spoken mythology. The Islamic god’s throne would shake every time one of us puny creatures uses his name in order to curse or swear. This phenomenon is widely known in the Arabian world and considered as a taboo and probably it’s the fastest way to get you beheaded.

In Islam the list of figure that would cause the throne to shake extend to all the known prophets (Islam admits the existence of more than you can think), The holy Qur’an, The disciples of the prophet, the prophet, any kind of manifestation of the Islamic whether be it an “Imam” (which is the Islamic version of priesthood) or a mosque.

In both cases godhood is put to the question. Such being has to be discussed and defined again because at such phase of philosophical development we are still suffering from now extreme shortness in sight when it comes to the problematic of god. Such great benevolent being deserves a deeper look into than the one we get as children.

This subject was discussed as a preface to further discussion towards a much deeper issue which the issue of “what do we mean by divinity?”. Either to build a much better belief or to crack it all down at once because the worldly conflict now Caused by ISIS should be fought with methods of observation and philosophical research thus i find myself as a writer obliged to take off some darkness that surrounds the notion of “Divinity” and “Godhood”.

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