See Sound

I have a rare case of Synethsesia, and if you were wondering what that is as i suppose, let me tell you a little about the way i see sound.What makes my case extremely unique is that i do not only see the sounds as some may unusually do, i live within it as if it were a recreation of a memory or the wheel of a movie rolling before my eyes. I first experienced this when i first heard her play amidst a dark room. In dead silence she sat motionless as i could hear her slowly breathe before she sets her soul free to dance upon the piano keys. She first proceeded to lay both of her hand in extreme caution in a very precise position as she fought throughout the thick darkness of the room. She takes in a very deep breath that shoots an image of the soft winds of dawn through my mind announcing the beginning of the ritual.

The first note was a light blue one, it was almost transparent and i could see roughly see through it as it shone with a vibrant soft, sad and wonderfully crafted echo. The same note hangs in there then falls a few moments after just as it might be a tear sliding down someone’s cheek to fall later on.

A second one follows. This one was a violent violet vulgar concoction of a vivid and vast reflection of emotion. It was a mosaic of its own as it floated on a river of others that were of its kin and color and as you could know a leader when you see one, that note led the herd through a wonderfully organized scene of chaos.

It shook deeply when i saw the motion within the piece she played. Every single note seemed as an independent artwork by its own and as they all gathered around to build the story she told as she played, motion strung the frames and weaved a narrow path of light through the darkness of the room. Slowly i could see the piano as her fingers unleashed unending rivers of colorful dreams that i was sucked in.

The room that was once dark now is fully lit.