Funny, how you are the first person to start insisting that the pipeline doesn’t go through their…
Timothy Samalik

Huh? It is 2016 dude…the Indians can leave their reservation! A Navajo from NE Arizona can get on a plane and blow up a pipeline in Moscow by the morning. What kind of argument is that!? Your evidence the pipeline crosses Indian land is that Indians are present? Microaggression much?

Also, where in my statement did I claim the Native Americans were damaging anything? Stop making stuff up.

The pipeline does NOT cross their reservation, I am not claiming anything other than fact….and I am not the first one, you just need to stray a little further from Medium and the Huffpo to avoid your snowflake echo chamber.

The “sacred sites” parroted by your favorite little blogs are all newly discovered and mentioned only hours before injunctions were filed to stop the construction. Odd these sites are so sacred yet weren’t looked for, maintained, honored, etc. until just now. The timing almost makes one wonder.

Have you looked at the injunction or the evidence provided? Some arrowheads, pottery shards…using that bar one could claim the entire US and most of the world as a sacred site for some culture past and present.

Have you looked at the utility maps of the area? Pipelines, power lines, gas lines, roads, structures, etc. all over the area already. This wasn’t an issue until oil was in question. I bet they wouldn’t be protesting an underground fiber optic cable going through these very newly “discovered” sacred areas off reservation ;)

The fact remains that the greens have hijacked this narrative and protests…I bet many are being paid. You do know political operatives on the dem side were caught admitting this is common practice right? Actually, based on your response to my original comment, I bet you know less about this issue than just about anyone.

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