Although it remains to be seen if their tactics are just and sound, can you blame them?

I didn’t claim vigilantism was going to rid Latin America of all its woes. I also find you making excuses for the drug cartel henchmen as ridiculous. I have been poor, billions wake up poor and don’t join a gang or put people in vats of acid. They made their proverbial bed, they can eat a bullet from a concerned citizen.

Regardless of who or what is at fault, in this very moment, in the home of a rural Latin American citizen, a man and his family are sitting down for dinner. Should a “disenfranchised” lil’ snowflake burst in to do that family harm, I absolutely applaud the man (or woman) grabbing a firearm and letting loose.

Long term sure, let us find a different solution. Until then, no one has the right to to maim or murder an innocent. And no one has the right to take away their ability to defend against such violent acts.

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