I would prefer if the “messy” thing this piece was about was the cold blooded murder of innocent…
Dave Scott

Someone needs to look up the definition of cold blooded murder and then think long and hard about the likelihood of that occurring. I mean, here we have on one side, the highest trained professionals in the world stuck in an hour long firefight in the dark. I doubt during this battle a SEAL just intentionally popped the girl.

On the other side we have members of a group who are known to strap explosives to young kids who are then sent into a crowded market place. One wonders who is truly the root cause of this child's demise…I bet if her caretakers weren’t part of a terrorist organization her chances of not getting shot in the neck would have been reduced a little.

Now all of this is not to say that IF for some reason the SEALs decided to go on a child killing rampage they should not be punished. The absolutely should be. I just think most are thinking through this and realizing she was probably caught up in the battle and was unintentionally hit.

Unless they did an onsite forensic analysis and have already determined it was a US bullet fired intentionally at her then you are reaching.

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