Ohioans Can’t Let a Lone Wolf Attack Become a Victory for Extremism
War Is Boring

The author complains about the Fox News headline but ignores places the CNN, MSNBC, and the Huffpo all publishing titles leaving out his Muslim, Somalia, and refugee ties. I would find that just as, if not more dangerous as “inflammatory” headlines. Calling this man merely a student and then burying the more important facts several paragraphs down is asinine.

You also point out the tired argument that because not ALL refugees are terrorists that we can’t judge any until after they’ve attacked and even then we must use kid gloves. I urge you to either do research or be more honest with yourself and readers.

The fact remains that it is extremely hard to vet these folks. They don’t keep the same amount of records as we do (not even close) and many of their names are so common that we can’t tell one from the other. Heck, they often go by multiple names or change the order of their names left and right. Politicians and security personnel on both sides of the aisle have admitted that they cannot truly vet these immigrants/refugees.

On another note, look at the % of the population who supports terrorism in many of these countries. Many times it is 1/5th or more. This isn’t about them being different or brown like I am sure you assume. Do we shut down immigration completely? I don’t think so. We should however deny any applicants where there is any shred of doubt about their true identity and history. This will not make us completely safe but at least we can mitigate the risk while still remaining the number one haven sought out in this world.

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