The Silver Love

L-o-v-e. It maybe four letters but what these letters signify is much more than just a word.

It might have lost much of its meaning in this modern age. A three word sentence that has been so over used that now it doesn’t even matter what you mean by it and, is never understood: A true sensation. Love is of two kinds. Love of God. And the other Human love.

Love of God is the most prestigious form of someone’s inner feelings; the feelings of an intimate soul.

Now let’s talk about human love. People who are adults understand much of what it means and what it actually is to have such a feeling The whole point of why I wanted to write is to let the teenagers realize the reality of life. And the most important and inflating manipulative social reality of our country is around that one word: every kid desires to have right now. I am talking about how the teenagers, even the 12 year olds, the little brains of fantasy get affected by the idea of love. As in our country a ten year old just realizes it as the parental love only. But today’s entertainment shows and motion pictures depict it in a way that our minds anticipate the concept but our brains can no longer reason with the impeccable questions of senses.

The thing about Love is a silver lining of fantasy love and real love. How modern entertainment inflicts this idea is the fiction adaption of the unreal reality. First when a curious brain can’t figure out the actual concept: the partial intrigue turns into a conquest of its own knowledge that may lead you in places you shouldn’t be in. What fictional love creates in an immature brain is the feeling of that sensation in such manner that your subconscious starts fantasizing it in its own unreal way. And in that desperation it turns to something that it itself doesn’t understand: the actual experience. Now that’s a risk an immature takes in its own intrigue, with the meaning partially understood, and the fantasy flashing again and again in-front of it; A lone conquest in the sake of an absurd thought. This may result in really temporary but how it inflicts on a young person may end up in a serious dismal.

Aside all the bad turns it could take, to be realistic it might in-fact prove to be a nice proactive action but there is a fine line that divides the sole purpose and expectations. What actually the sole purpose should be is to take it simple experimental evidence that could help you infer in the real world but that one hope or fantasy of perfection might cross the silver lining and put you across the line. And that’s the no-go zone for a teenager. It is good to have knowledge but as long as its boundaries are beyond the reach of your own hands.

You will be lost without the L-o or you wont have it with just V-e But You will lose the life with the whole L-o-v-e.

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