Thinking about the future only makes sense.


…feel if we expose the good our kids do? The first feelings involved will be acquired by anyone who’ll simply decide to expose the good deeds of our kids. It always begins with us, and a vibrant sense of contribution stirs within us as we do this. You feel like your contributing.

Become A Contributor.

Contributors open the doors to greater things in someone else’s life. Contributors have the privilege or terror of functioning on the thin line between responsibility and manipulation, _which is really like thin ice over a lake of this privilege or terror. Being responsible detaches the strings that manipulation can attach in the process of giving praise.

But there can be an aim behind exposing the good deeds of our kids. Its an aim to affirm identity and nurture individual and collective pursuit of happiness. Yes we affirm and nurture; this is a forward reward that has an inward gratifying return and a developing reward of self empowerment. Be a contributor for more than you can gain now but for what you can gain in legacy or insomeone elses.

All who receive of contribution feel and wish to reward the contributor . Maybe you receive it tangibly or maybe like the giver to the garden you will reap with many the beauty of it’s bloom in our kids.

Contributors! This is how it feels when we expose the good deeds our Kids Do. This feeling is everything to the legacy in each and everyone of us especially the next generation of dreamers. Contributors! Sow like you’d want to be sown in, but perhaps watch your seed grow forward instead of return to you. You will be paid regardless, this is the guarantee of giving.

Kids are like the dark rooms in a photo lab. They need very little, but just enough light to develop. And the negatives are many in there pathways but the more light we expose to a negative the more we damage it. Lets expose there simple good deeds, lets affirm and nurture a generation of Dreamers this world has never seen or could’ve imagine exist today.

Contribute to the best tomorrow ever buy depositing appreciation in today’s kids for the simplest of Good they do in school, at home or at play. In other words add this kind of content to your Social Media Platforms and feel free to send them to as well. Lets share platform so we can share future, a bright one.

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