I’ve intentionally observed my people, ‘born of’ or ‘raised in’ this BahamaLand; and The way, where, how, when, why, with whom we eat, play, work, relax, drink, enjoy, build, rebuild and celebrate life has a unique experience to it that we who are watching can see is losing, but can rehabilitate it’s fervor.

I call this Living Bahamianly but I coin it #LivinBahamianly™.

Many would agree that Culture in itself is dynamic in nature because of its people element. Our experience is the core to a Bahamian culture and #Livinbahamianly™ is a lifestyle under attack by way of a current Generation(people) forfeiting to assume the responsibility to pass the Baton(experience) to the next Generation(people).

Who the cap fits, let us wear it.

This experience is marketable through an industry we call tourism, an industry proven so lucrative it bought us an attitude that spoiled the industry’s carriage for continuity. We now, today; face it’s wrath that I believe in God can be subdued by the collaboration of both prior, present and preparing generation’s effort.

The synergy these three generations will produce is our intangible product for a Smarter, Stronger and Sustainable Bahamas. The problem I believe, is a nearing expiration date on this marketable uniqueness of our experience. The starting solution I believe is a synergistic partnership of Prior, Present and Preparing Generation for this Smarter, Stronger and Sustainable Bahamas.

We the people ‘born of’ and ‘raised in’ are the brand of this experience, and we are our country’s hope for rehabilitating an international product by restoring through connection of the generations our Entrepreneurial Spirit.

What are we loosing? The one thing I feel we never collectively identified we had, hence why it’s so easily being lost in my opinion. We are losing our Spirit of Entrepreneurism, through power and greed.

We must Rehabilitate our Entrepreneurs with yesterday’s positive and negative mentoring today for tomorrow.

The truth is, we must all become the hero, we must become the hero before our time, right now.

For #BahamianPride isn’t wrapped up alone in how hard we fought to attain our journey to the core culture of #LivinBahamianly™.

#BahamianPride is wrapped up as well in our ability to preserve that WHICH was fought for and WHY it may have been the reason for the fight. I believe we fought for a free experience of life in paradise. I believe we fought to bask in the glory of #LivinBahamianly™.

Our Entrepreneurial Spirit thrived the Glory of our forefathers victory but it’s baton is disappearing in the exchange from Gen to Gen because of corruption.

We must restore through LOVE the DNA of the liberal minds in the moment that drove the Motto; Forward Upward Onward Together.

I believe the DNA was wrapped in a one way question as our forefathers saw need to build a beautiful experience for its people; That question I believe was, What can we do for our country? The reverse was never the question and since it has been, so has our direction.

Let’s bond fire as born and raised Bahamians, forge identify once again as born and raised Bahamian, to a common loftier goal. Let’s daily live together, in a forward, upward and onward spirit.

May God once again Live in Paradise and may love abound greater than it has in the beginning, NOW.


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