Self Care: How It Reduces Stress

Have you ever wondered about the term Self Care?

How does it apply to you? Do you have time to do what it takes to take care of yourself when it comes to stress? If we do not take the time to battle stress before it compounds into our daily life, stress can make you sick.

If you wonder why you never get sick until you have time off, or that runny nose or a headache shows up on our day off? It is because when we let our guard down is when we let the illness take over. We all have weaknesses in our immunity, and when we are experiencing stress, those vulnerabilities are intensified. Stressful events increase the cortisol levels in our system. That is a good thing because when we need help defending our self, cortisol is there in a fight or flight type response. It takes our body 24 hours to resume stasis in our system after this happens.

But when we experience more than one stressful situation in that 24 hour period, our body secretes too much cortisol, and it has a counteractive effect on our immune cells. It can take away their ability to defend us. Thus we get sick. We need to help handle stressful situations as they occur or the compounding amounts of cortisol will make us less likely to stay well.

That is why I want to help you stay well. I want to show you how to Calm the Chaos. Music, meditation, breathing are all things we get away from when we need it the most. I want to show you how in minutes a day you can battle the compounding effects of stress in your life.