Right now, Iowans are facing tough times.

The pandemic has threatened and disrupted nearly every aspect of our lives from our personal and public health to our jobs, small businesses and supply chains. …

Growing up on the Greenfield farm, my parents raised hogs, row crops and five kids. They also taught us hard work and resilience.

I remember the Russian grain embargo and seeing firsthand how bad decisions in Washington can directly and negatively affect the lives of our farm families.

When the…

Iowa is a state of small towns and small businesses. But too often, politicians in Washington spend their time looking out for their corporate donors, while our small businesses and workers get stuck with the short end of the stick.

I’m not taking a dime of corporate PAC money and…

As I hear from Iowans going through tough times like losing their job, struggling to make ends meet, and even losing a loved one — it’s personal to me.

I’ll never forget when my family had to stop farming and sell our crop-dusting business during the farm crisis of the…

Theresa Greenfield’s Plan to Put Iowa Workers First While Combating COVID-19

Growing up on my family farm, my dad always used to say, “There are no boy jobs or girl jobs. Just jobs that need to get done.”

That couldn’t be any more true right now.

As the threat of…

From the first day businesswoman Theresa Greenfield launched her campaign for Senate, she committed to fighting the culture of corruption in Washington and restoring trust in our democracy. She’s pledged not to accept corporate PAC money and support sweeping reforms that ensure Washington politicians put the needs of Iowa first.

Theresa Greenfield

Farm kid, mom, Des Moines business leader, and candidate for U.S. Senate. Join our team at greenfieldforiowa.com

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