The Lost World of Typewriters
Kanchana Doraiswamy

I enjoyed this story as I began my own working career in the era of electric typewriters like the IBM. Going back further, this story transports us to an English “Ye Olde Bookshoppe” atmosphere. The obscure hidden location, the slow route to find, cozy cluttered space (floor to roof typewriters), the repairman’s fine character-his “passion” and masterful knowledge of the lost art of typewriters.

I had a wonderful memory based on the author’s own ambience in childhood being forced to learn typing.

In high school I was forced to take a typing class. I remember one day stopping and thinking “Why am I in a typing class? It was disorienting — a place I didn’t belong in.

This author has quite a sense of humor in quoting the master repairman as “Not in it for the money”. Was he going to become a billionaire repairing typewriters? His greatness in loving his work is left with us as the art of typewriters fades into a lost and unknown world.

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