Calez • ‘Network Trappin EP’

Jan 6, 2016 · 2 min read

Just before the new year we posted a short offering from a longtime favorite in Calez, who offered up four songs of his upcoming EP, Network Trappin via SoundCloud. 2015 came and went and we weren’t really sure if the project had dropped, we were tweaking, or what was going on. We checked SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Audiomack, all to no avail.

In today’s age, you have to find new paths quicker than the next person and sometimes an interesting path needs a guide.

Consider us that.

Instead of simply dropping his project on a streaming site or iTunes to get it out to the world, the 2008ighties member decided to get it right to the people via the Internet, hence Network Trappin’. It’s a sort of digital hand-to-hand. The eight song project is for sale for $6 over at, but be warned, there’s only 100 copies for sale. Once you pay the small fee, though, Calez himself will send you the project via Google Drive. This is a truly united and interconnected way to take things away from a digital space while still remaining in the realm anyway.

While the idea is certainly a unique one, we’re all conditioned to enjoy a stream nowadays and in that spirit the TheseDays team was able to link up with Calez to offer fans and listeners alike an opportunity to hear the project in full from top to bottom without paying for it. Consider it a sort of preview that’ll only be available on the site for a short amount of time.

We’ll for sure have a full review on the project once we’ve had some time to settle in with it, but for now head over to our Calez Page to listen to an exclusive stream of Network Trappin EP, available now for 24 hours only!

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