Thelonious Martin • “AfternoonSwim”

Jan 6, 2016 · 1 min read

Thelonious Martin means business in 2016. Coming off of a pair of years that have seen him vaulting to the forefront of production work here in Chicago, the beat maker wasted no time dropping something for the people fresh into the new year. Here, he offers up “AfternoonSwim”.

An alumni of our ‘Instrumental Insight’ column, Martin has been keeping the streets of Chicago and beyond blessed with Dilla-esque creations that has at once pushed the boundaries of hip-hop backing while inching it forward with subtle intricacies that reveal themselves throughout.

On “AfternoonSwim”, we get a decidedly jazzy tune that will help you through the grey days of early January and ease you out of those post-holiday feels. Simple and to the point, you can’t deny Martin’s ability to tell a certain story by combining samples from TV shows, commercials, and movies together in a way that continues to impress with each new release. Shout out to Thelonious. TheseDays is ready for that Wünderkid follow-up! Catch him doing his Dilla thing at Subterranean this week too.

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