Finding your passion can be difficult to do at an early age, but it might help if you ask yourself: what excites me, what makes me really come alive?
8 Things I wish I learned in university — How education reduces our chances at succeeding in life
Monica Lazar

I actually had bushels of passion as early as junior high school. It wasn’t education that sucked it out of me, but rather the reverse. I still remember my 8th grade English teacher telling me that I was an extremely talented writer. I also remember looking at her practically with pity because I knew nothing would ever come from her remark (not for a considerable time, at any rate) because all I ever heard from my parents was how poor I was at math and science. My father was a fucking biochemist, for Christ’s sake. Could he have been bothered to help rather than blame? Evidently not. They were responsible for sucking the joy well dry, not education. Education showed me a way out, and helped me carve a path. Many paths. Each has taken me to interesting people and places and helped me build a very good life of many chapters.

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