So we’re driving in the car, me and my husband and, in between stupid-singing and whistling, we’re giggling in that way we have, that mocking ‘I know and you know that I know you’re nothing but an egg’ way because the fuel light has just flicked on and we’re reminiscing about those times where we knew we needed diesel but my husband thought we’d see how far we could ‘push it’ as if it was a game to almost run out of fuel but cheat it sort of thing and be OK for the time being and it is a fun game because we get to flirt with each other where I get to remind him with a Poe face how funny he’s not and he gets to look at me and blow an as-if ‘Pfffffffwt’ from between his luscious lips before he giggles again, this time at how scary I’m not and then we repeat that in the build up to remembering that it all usually worked out completely well as a fun game except for the two times we actually cut it too fine and came to a complete fucking stop on the side of the road and how, both times, our good friend M.L. came to our rescue, once on the back roads near Devil’s Hill, the other just leaving M.L.’s house when he and S. were living at the beach and me and my husband were shaking our heads in complete awe about how ridiculous we were to cut it so fine but also in complete awe about how blessed we were to have a friend like M.L. coming to our rescue both times and I said to my husband we should text M.L. and let him know we’re thinking of him and it and tell him how much we appreciate him and my husband agrees it’s a bloody good idea but says he’s working on I-of-M at the moment and he takes a while to come back and I say that it’s ok as long as he knows we were thinking of him, that’s the main thing and my husband nods and smiles his lovely smile and looks at me still smiling and so I pull another mock frown at him and then he immediately mock frowns back at me and throws me another as-if ‘Pfffffffwt’ from between his luscious lips before he giggles again and looks back to the road as I turn to my phone and do the —
Collaboration of souls II

I thought I was the only one who could write sentences this ridiculously long. I knew I loved Henry James for a reason.

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