He will lurk hoping to see us feel shame. He is very scared right now. His reality has just been exposed. He can’t tolerate the light.
I’m still absorbing all of this and will probably sum up my all I feel in a response to Alto.
Colette Clarke Torres

Colette Clarke Torres In short (very short), I agree completely with you. I’ve not been able to get the story, nor Medium’s responses to it, out of my mind. It disturbed me deeply that anyone at Medium felt the need to take any sort of responsibility for the whole mess. Just last evening, a couple of days after January 7, at the end of an extremely long and ultimately terribly frustrating day and night at work, my body and mind both were exhausted to the point that I was capable of only the most elemental thought. As I was tiptoeing home in 4-wheel drive on frozen streets, heater at full blast even though it had barely warmed above the outside temperature, a couple of epiphanies quite literally came to me. I vividly remember feeling no part of a train of thought which led to either.

One, I work for (not with, for) another chef who views my shortcomings and failures, about which I am reminded with an aggressive hostility by which I for some reason continue to be surprised. Caught off guard.

In order for him to succeed, I need to fail.

Second, the reason that people of Medium blamed themselves here is emblematic of precisely how pedophiles and all abusers succeed.

Fuck that shit. All of it. Which puts me in mind of Heather Nann ‘s most eloquent takedown of the fucker and the shithole that is his mind. A damn fine piece of writing. Rock on.

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