I am SO making this!!
Gail Boenning

Thank you, Gail Boenning. Too much of food these days seems to want to get you out of the kitchen, not into it. It’s gently drawing people into it that is my mission. It warms me to know it is having some effect.

First, the salad. I switched from vinegar of any kind to lemon because I like its subtlety. Too I used to work with another chef who made a similar salad with unseeded cucumbers, pre-crumbled Feta, which had practically no taste along with an unpleasant texture, and waaaaaay too much red wine vinegar. And olive oil, salt and pepper. By the time it had sat on a banquet buffet for a matter of minutes, it was a watery mess. I couldn’t use vinegar here if you pointed a gun at me. Just saying.

Blogging. I’m migrating my blog from its former host to Medium.

I’m extremely grateful to have grown a far wider base of readers here than at Wordpress. As well, over time, I found Wordpress cumbersome compared to Medium, and unreliable. I once spent an entire day on a post that was lost to who knows where, and no one at Wordpress was an iota of help. When it happened a second time, the decision to migrate presented itself.

I’ve also developed an idea for a cookbook stemming from this. If you or any other Medium readers would be interested in being recipe testers, I’d love to hear from you.

And again, thank you for always kind words.

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