DeClutter your Mind from Electronics!!!

Hello Everyone I am a DeClutter Expert. I empower/inspire people to find their inner self.

So many people ask me why they need to Declutter their Mind. I say why not. Then I say have you seen how society moves. Then I get what do you MEAN.

Go into the grocery store, workplace or even their own home. Everyone is doing nothing but on their phone texting or on some type of social media. Like Facebook (which has over Millions of users) or Snap Chat. The electronic world has made everyone Electronic Addicts or even Electronic Zombie.

We have forgotten the human side of the world. No one wants to set their phone down and just spend some quality time with each other. I ask how many people sit down at the table for dinner and just talk. Better yet, how many people get up from their desk to ask their co-worker a questions.

We as society need to put everything down and get in touch with ourselves. Look around and smell the coffee so to speak. Can you remember what we did before the cell phones were born? We had more family time and the house phone was the only phone used. Though I would have to wonder was more crime than it is now? That question makes me wonder.

Anyway, we all need to DeClutter our Minds. Get back in touch with our inner self. This can be done by:

  1. Create some designated family time and stick to that time. During that time talk. May the talk be good or bad. Also everyone is to listen.
  2. During the talk there is to be a no judgement zone. Something like whatever happens in Vegas stay in Vegas.
  3. Create a No Cell Phone Zone. I know, I know, I know. This step is going to be hard. This step is necessary to DeClutter your Mind. There will be no distractions. Also what every is going on can wait for a few minutes. (I would love to hear how many people really do this step).
  4. Get some exercise, such as walking or working out. Just get the blood flowing and do it for 30 minutes a day. This would do wonders for your health and create better brain flow.
  5. The last step is Journaling (this is a whole different blog). Get a blank notebook and start writing. Trust me this step would do you wonders.

These are just a few suggested steps I have tried and recommend. Anywho, DeClutter your Mind can be beneficially.

Until next week. Be Inspired to DeClutter your Mind with The Stone Method ™.